5 Important Factors of SEO That Affect Ranking Of Your Website On SERP

Every business owner that owns a website wants it to get noticed by its target audience. This goal can only be achieved if the website uses strong keywords which would make your content visible by ranking it on the first page of Google.

To excel in your online business, you need to invest a lot of time, and all of that would be in vain if people do not notice your website. Therefore, ranking in Google’s top results is the only way by which people would notice your website while searching for a particular product or information.

Therefore, it is vital to consider some important SEO factors that can boost the likelihood of your Google ranking on the first page of the website. On the contrary, if these significant factors are ignored, there are high chances that the ranking of your site might get lowered or not even get a ranking on the first page.

This article will take you through SEO tactics that you must consider for your online business to pave the way for it to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Exceptional Content

As the saying goes, ‘Content is the king’, you need to take care of the quality of content as it is the king of Google ranking metrics. Content that stands out from the crowd, is innovative, fresh, beneficial, and answers users’ search queries would be ranked higher by Google.

Putting user-friendly content on your website is the key to receiving a higher ranking on SERP. Even if the website is well-optimized, Google would offer higher rankings to those sites only which have impeccable quality and are relevant.

Ways in which Google defines content quality

  • Uniqueness

Google gives topmost priority to the website whose content is valuable and freshly written and covers the answers to readers’ search intent. Posting plagiarized content is a very big mistake that can lower your rankings by decreasing the crawling rate of your website, and even fetch you a strike from Google.

Wandering what you can do instead? Make sure you have superior content, which is not available already on the internet. You can also use various free tools to check the plagiarism percentage.

  • Length

While the ideal length of a content is a debatable topic, it cannot be denied that it plays an important role in getting you a higher ranking on SERP. Make sure that your content is concise but does not miss out on covering the major queries of your readers comprehensively.

Breaking the lengthy content into smaller, manageable chunks also works greatly in increasing the readability of your article. While ensuring that your articles aren’t too lengthy, make sure to take care of meta title and description length.

  • Freshness

Another strategy to uplift the quality of your content is to consistently update your blogs and add the latest material.

You can take help of Google Trends to stay on top of the game regarding the discovery of most up-to-date information so that the content is not just fresh and up to the mark.

  • Structure And Organization

No matter how well-written and top-notch your content is, but if you forgot to organize it, your readers would not read it till the end and leave it in between.

Therefore, adding headings and subheadings to the entire content, structuring and organizing them, adding relevant images, and breaking down the entire content would make it more appealing, thereby increasing the article’s readability. Moreover, the user-experience would also be enriched which would prompt them to share the article with close ones.

Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed

Page speed has been one of the crucial factors in SEO ranking elements. This is because of the fact that the faster the web page loading speed, the better the user experience.

With the aim of providing a smooth page loading speed experience to the users, Google might even penalize your website if it fails to load quickly on mobile devices

User Experience

When there are multiple users who are visiting your site but leaving it in a fraction of seconds, Google thinks that your content is irrelevant to the users’ needs. This might lead to a lowering of your SERP rankings. Google makes use of certain artificial intelligence tools to rank websites, which are based on multiple metrics that are as follows:

  • Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to total time a user would spend your website, starting from landing on it to leaving it.

  • Click-Through Rate

It is the percentage of clicks that a certain portion of your audience has made on your site to gain information.

  • Bounce Rate

Bounce route refers to the situation when a user clicks on your site but does not stay on it for long due to various reasons and visits a competitor’s site.



The backlink is one of the most imperative factors in SEO ranking that helps Google crawler to locate your site for indexing.

If you make sure that your content is top-notch, you should also back it up with backlinks at the same pace. Getting traffic to the website is one of the main targets of a website, and you won’t be able to achieve it without backlinks.

Want to know why backlinks have a great significance for gaining a high ranking on SERP? If there are any other high authority sites that are using backlinks to your site, it is indicative of the fact that your content is well-crafted as multiple sites vouch for it.

5. Keyword Optimization

Once you have crafted tailor-made content, improved your user experience, page loading speed, and received backlinks from authentic sites, keyword optimization is an undeniable ranking factor that an SEO professional cannot skip. Keywords are the search terms that users commonly type to get a desirable result. Therefore, an SEO person has to make sure that the content of a web page includes the most common keywords people use to achieve results. Here are below-mentioned tips that you can follow to see how your content gets well-optimized over time and you start fetching traffic for the website.