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5 Things To Look For- In A Reseller Hosting Package

A single principle owner who uses reseller hosting can sell or give access to hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites in lieu of other websites. It  can make money by reselling all or a portion of the initial hosting.

A web hosting business requires significant upfront financial investments in servers, data centers, qualified staff, customer support systems, etc. As a result, Reseller Hosting has become a viable and affordable way to launch a web hosting company.

Comparing Reseller Hosting packages is essential to select the one that best meets your needs. This article provides a list of some of the most crucial criteria to consider when purchasing a reseller hosting package.

Five requirements for a package of Reseller Hosting


Web servers’ uptime is expressed as a percentage and serves as a gauge of their dependability. The uptime of that web server is therefore said to be 90% if it has been “up” (functioning) for 90% of the time over the period that is taken into account.

All of the websites that are hosted on a web server will also be unavailable when it is “down.” Uptime is significant for a variety of reasons. To begin with, nobody wants to visit a website only to be greeted by an error message.

That not only turns people off, but it also hurts the website and the business linked to its reputation. The uptime of websites is monitored by search engines, which is the other issue. They don’t recommend websites in their search engine results if their uptime is poor.

As a provider of reseller hosting, collaborating with a business that has a poor track record for uptime is a surefire way to turn off both new and returning clients.

Make sure the provider has a track record of upholding a high uptime score—at least 99.9% uptime—when searching for a reseller hosting plan. Anything less simply isn’t worth the money you’ll be paying them.

Customer service

Even if you are an expert in servers and hosting, you will eventually need customer support. Here is where running a reseller hosting company can be very different from one another.

It can make a significant difference, so be sure to visit independent review websites or aggregator websites and choose a business that does offer good customer support.

But how can you tell if the customer service provided is satisfactory or not? Be on the lookout for round-the-clock technical support, a variety of support methods like phone, email, and chatbot support, prompt and effective grievance resolution, and a committed support staff.

White-label branding

As a reseller hosting company, you have the legal right to brand the hosting services as being your own. This essentially means that nowhere does the parent hosting company’s name appear.

This is significant because a company’s success depends on maintaining its brand integrity.

Your customers will be able to connect your products with your company if you use the name of your business on all the services you provide. Therefore, confirm that white-label branding is permitted by the parent hosting company.

Terms of service

Each company has its terms and conditions for its Reseller Hosting packages. There are hosting providers who let reseller hosting businesses make their plans, control their marketing channels, brand everything in their name, and generally manage their businesses however they see fit.

There are, however, many hosting companies that severely limit what you are allowed to do. Because it enables you to target your niche, having the ability to create your hosting plans is essential.

It’s critical to have their consent to market to them however you see fit so that you can increase conversion rates and lower acquisition costs. Again, review and aggregator websites can be helpful in this situation, and many hosting providers make their terms and conditions available on their websites.

Go over them in detail. Contact the business if it hasn’t been released yet, and they’ll send it to you. Selecting your partner company should only be done after carefully considering everything mentioned so far.

The software

Simply put, a reseller hosting package provides you with bulk server resources. However, you need an interface to communicate with your server resources to operate your business.

The Software

Here’s where software enters the picture, and once more, the software that comes with Reseller Hosting packages varies depending on the business. Both the hosting reseller and the clients can manage their hosting plans with the aid of reseller hosting plans with cPanel.

Get software that enables you to manage your entire business, such as WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution). With just one piece of software, you can offer customer support, create custom hosting plans, add discounts, change your customers’ hosting plans, and automate billing.

The majority of the top hosting providers offer WHMCS, which is essentially the industry standard. Therefore, the best choice would be to go with a business that includes WHMCS as standard.

Get as many management tools as you can if you are interested in competing with other businesses because they will help you run your company more effectively.


With the right reseller hosting package, you can establish a web hosting company with top-notch hardware and simple-to-use software. As we’ve seen throughout this article, your choice of hosting company has a significant impact.

Do your research and select a reputable hosting provider with a track record. Before purchasing a Reseller Hosting plan, don’t forget to read the reviews that previous customers have added.

A variety of Reseller Hosting plans is available from ResellerClub, each of which includes free WHM/cPanel, free WHMCS, a one-click Softaculous installer, and more.

Get dedicated, round-the-clock tech support from our hosting professionals. You can benefit from adding new hosting packages, adding domain names and bandwidth, viewing resource usage, such as disc space usage, and enabling or disabling features for your customers.

Reselling the hosting package to additional customers is done in the same manner as any other type of hosting. Yes, you can upgrade or switch between reseller plans as needed because it is a customized setup.


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