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Whether you are a newbie in the digital space or a veteran, if you are looking for a Web Hosting Provider in Nashik with affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans, you are exactly where you need to be. Stick with us till the end and you will never need to look anywhere else.

Before we get right into the matter at hand, let us first understand what is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting and why does your business need one.

This part is mainly for the ones who are getting into the digital space for the first time but everyone is free to give it a read.

So what is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

In order to understand Managed Dedicated Server Hosting we need to first understand what Managed Hosting means. Many in the space are familiar with the term.

However for those starting their career here, Managed Hosting is a business model like any other, where the service provider leases hardware necessary for hosting infrastructure to a single customer.

The whole task of management of servers, networks and software is undertaken by the providers.

This brings us to Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. There are two types of Managed Hosting, viz. Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting. Dedicated Hosting or Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is an entirely isolated hosting environment.

Here the resources are always user-specific, meaning that only the concerned customer’s data is hosted on the server. The provider takes care of the setup, administration and maintenance of the server as well as support to the customers.

Why does my business need a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

This is a question every businessman small or big needs to ask themselves. When aiming to deploy a server quickly while meeting the requirements of the end-users, leasing a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is the best option.

However that is not all. Here are five reasons why you should consider Managed Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dedicated Performance

In a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting environment system administrators can easily configure services according to the underlying hardware. This is very helpful as your servers will dedicatedly perform as per your requisites.

Rapid Deployment

Mostly when you purchase a new server it takes days before it is use-ready. You will have to wait till your vendor configures the hardware accordingly and then again till the server is shipped and it reaches you. Then it will again take time for you to install the server in every rack.

With Managed Dedicated Server Hosting solutions all this can be easily avoided. All you need is the access provision to use an already configured and made ready-to-use server. This is because dedicated servers can be designed in a matter of hours.

Ideal for Growing Web-based Businesses

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is the ideal solution for growing businesses that are web-based in nature. Businesses that host websites often use shared hosting environments.

However this can cause a lot of issues due to end-users logging in and using the resources. This can impact website performance in a number of ways.

However with Managed Dedicated Server Hosting you can be absolutely sure that your website is being hosted on hardware that is 100% dedicated to your business operations and requirements.

Completely Adaptable Infrastructure

From time to time businesses need to make customisations for their hosting environment. With a shared hosting environment, there is a limit to these system changes.

However with a dedicated hosting environment, system admins can easily customise hardwares with much less constraints upon them.

Cost-effective and less time-consuming hosting solution

In cases where infrastructure is being leased, any and every issue relating to the system architecture is covered by technicians placed at the data-center; wherever the server is being hosted.

With dedicated hosting solutions your businesses can cut back a lot of expenditure as you will not need to opt for a new server every 3 to 5 years.

 Moreover if your business grows beyond its current needs you can find co-location suppliers who can help you to undertake a basic server migration to your new server; that too free of cost. This is very effective to minimize your downtime and maximize your productivity.

Best Web Hosting Provider in Nashik

It’s time for what you have been eagerly waiting for. Based in Nashik, Maharashtra, Cloud Host World is one of the best in the game when it comes to Web Hosting Provider In Nashik.

With a portfolio spanning a vast ground from Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Cloud VPS to Dedicated Servers, Cloud Backup, SSL Certification and more, Cloud Host World offers a wide range of services to its valued clients.

  • Proactive Server Monitoring: Cloud Host World offers its customers with practical server monitoring schedules executed daily.
  • 24×7 Dedicated Support Team: Experienced tech support teams at Cloud Host World are online 24×7 and are more than capable of handling any client issues.
  • High Performance: SSD’s and platforms designed at Cloud Host World are blazing fast and provide high performance to customers all year round.
  • Worldwide Data-center Locations: With servers situated worldwide in the US, UK, Sweden and India businesses no longer need to prohibit themselves to one single location and/or country.
  • Custom Networking Options: Authorised networking techs at Cloud Host World are experts in assisting clients with their custom networking requirements.

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Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at Cloud Host World

Cloud Host World offers a wide range of Dedicated Server Hosting plans that are also affordable for your pockets. Be it an enterprise or a start-up, the plans at Cloud Host World are priced for all. Below are some of the most popular plans offered by Cloud Host World.


PRICE:                                   Rs. 1395.00/MONTH

CPU:                                      1 Processor; 1.6GHz or faster; 2 Cores / 2 Threads

RAM:                                     2GB DDR2

HARD DRIVE:                      500GB SATA

BANDWIDTH:                     100mbit Unmetered

NETWORK SPEED:            1 Usable IPv4 Address; 64 IPv6 Address Block.

  1. DUAL XEON 5150

PRICE:                                   Rs.  5275.00/MONTH

CPU:                                      2 Processors; 2.66GHz or faster; 4 Cores / 4 Threads

RAM:                                     16GB DDR2

HARD DRIVE:                      2x500GB SATA

BANDWIDTH:                     100TB Monthly Transfer

NETWORK SPEED:            5 Usable IPv4 Addresses; 64 IPv6 Address Block.

  1. DUAL XEON ES-2670 64GB 480GB SSD

PRICE:                                  Rs. 14070.00/MONTH

CPU:                                      2.66GHz/3.3GHz Turbo; 16 Cores / 32 Threads

RAM:                                     64GB DDR3

HARD DRIVE:                      480GB SSD

BANDWIDTH:                     100TB Monthly Transfer

NETWORK SPEED:            5 Usable IPv4 Addresses; 64 IPv6 Address Block.

  1. DUAL XEON E5-2670 64GB 480GB SSD

PRICE:                                 Rs.  14070.00/MONTH

CPU:                                      2.66GHz/3.3GHz Turbo; 16 Cores / 32 Threads

RAM:                                     96GB DDR3

HARD DRIVE:                      960GB SSD

BANDWIDTH:                     100TB Monthly Transfer

NETWORK SPEED:            5 Usable IPv4 Addresses; 64 IPv6 Address Block.

  1. QUAD XEON E7-4860 256GB 6x2TB SAS

PRICE:                                  Rs. 52760.00/MONTH

CPU:                                      4 Processors; 2.66GHz/2.67GHz Turbo; 40 Cores / 80 Threads

RAM:                                     256GB DDR3

HARD DRIVE:                      6x2TB SAS

BANDWIDTH:                     10Gbit Port; 100TB Monthly Transfer

NETWORK SPEED:            5 Usable IPv4 Addresses; 64 IPv6 Address Block.

So with all that we have covered, you must have a basic idea as to why Dedicated Server Hosting solutions are needed for your business.

With that cleared, you are the best judge to know what your business needs. With a wide range of affordable plans to choose from just pick one that suits you and get the ball rolling.

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