Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Shared Hosting

A successful business online encompasses several aspects. Among them, hosting is the most crucial as well as a confusing factor. Entrepreneurs, from novices to seasoned pros, have heard of hosting services.

However, you might feel perplexed or not know what it has to offer! Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide to shared hosting for beginners.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting solution where you share the server with other businesses. Moreover, it offers a limited server space and is an affordable option for emerging entrepreneurs.

With limited resources comes great stress! Shared hosting plans have limitations, which might not be sufficient for expanding business infrastructure. These plans have a high downtime rate, a very slow loading speed, etc., which can be detrimental to businesses.

How does shared hosting work?

Hosting proves to be revolutionary for the entrepreneurial world concurrently. With improved revenue and high scalability, the opportunities are perpetual. Having a clear understanding of how shared hosting works is very important if you want to make the most of it.

The websites on the internet or their data are stored on various servers. These servers allow these websites to be available to the public on the internet.

Moreover, these websites have unique URLs, which makes it easier for users to find the websites conveniently. Furthermore, the browser requests relevant data from the server.

This information provided by the server directs users to the web pages. On a shared server, you share space with other websites as well. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, offers countless resources without limitations as well as exclusive server space.

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Benefits of shared Hosting-cloudhostworld

You don’t have to be a tech genius to start a business online! If you have the vision, hosting services can do the rest of the job for you! However, that’s not all. Here are some of the main benefits of investing in a shared hosting plan:

  Affordable solution

With the number of hosting options available, shared hosting is the most economical solution of them all. Shared hosting services are ideal for new businesses that have low or medium traffic. It is a great way to test your business strategies without making a dent in your pocket.

Easy controls

Convenience is a great necessity while opting for handling services. Besides, with new businesses, it is necessary to have ease of access to make the most out of it.

Hence, most shared hosting services offer cPanel resources that help you to take care of tasks like setting-up emails, databases, add-on domains, etc. Besides, it also comes with an intuitive and interactive cPanel dashboard that is free and allows you to carry out tasks from one place.

No expertise required

You don’t have to be a tech genius to have a successful website. Why? Well, your hosting provider takes care of all the technicalities involved in hosting a business on a server.

While you can easily learn your way around it, your service provider also acts as a server administrator, which can save you a lot of expenses.

Convenient management and scalability

Since most of the work is handled by the service providers themselves, managing shared hosting plans is quite easy.

However, some areas require your attention such as website design, installation of scripts, applications, etc. Besides, these are available just a click away! For website designs, you can go for website builders that will help you build your website designs, etc.

In addition, businesses thrive on growth. Similarly, your business is likely to grow at some point. Your existing hosting plan might not be sufficient anymore. Hence, shared hosting plans are flexible and give you opportunities to migrate from one plan to another as per your requirements.

SSL secured

Running a business online is not without risks. Cyber threats are a huge concern. However, hosting options provide you with security solutions.

While other hosting plans have better security, shared hosting offers security. Many hosting companies provide free SSL certificates and security services that may be a great option for new and small businesses.

What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

While shared hosting is an economical option for novices, it has a lot more disadvantages than benefits. This is why most users tend to go for dedicated hosting right away. Here are some disadvantages for you to consider:

Limited Resources

When choosing shared hosting services, you will find that you have very limited resources at your disposal. It may not be feasible for you to add more resources, or it may be extremely expensive.

Slow webpage

A sluggish website is one of the main drawbacks of shared hosting. This could be due to a lack of resources or frequent downtimes, which may prevent your website from performing at its best.

Other users slow you down

You may find that your neighbor has good traffic since you share server space with other websites. As a result, this can slow the entire server and affect your website.

Lack of root access

As your business grows and improves scalability, accessing the root server might seem crucial for you. Unfortunately, most of the shared hosting companies do not offer this privilege.

Limited Storage

As mentioned earlier, your business starts to grow after a point, however, web hosting service providers limit the bandwidth usage and other resources like server storage which can affect your website’s performance.


For shared hosting users, security is a top concern. Despite their vulnerability to hackers, etc, if malware manages to infect any website on the server, it is most likely to infect all of the other websites on the server as well.

 The final word

Shared hosting is a great solution for emerging entrepreneurs. While it may help you save free bucks, it might not be the one for you in the long run. As your business grows, your requirements and targets keep changing.

Hence, flexible dedicated hosting should be your final destination for a flexible and scalable business online. Although, shared hosting options are an exceptional way to test your new businesses and build your experience.

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