How to choose the right shared hosting plan for your websites

How To Choose The Right Shared Hosting Plan For Your Website in 2023

Multiple websites that use shared hosting share the resources of a single server. No servers are isolated, and no website is given exclusive access to resources. As an alternative, all of the websites hosted on the server share a single pool of resources (the server).

Sharing resources lowers everyone’s website ownership costs and offers the best foundation for brand-new websites. While high-traffic websites might require more robust hosting options, new websites with low to medium traffic can achieve good performance with shared hosting.

The most common type of web hosting is shared hosting because of this balance between price and performance. But not every Shared Hosting package is made equal. This article focuses on the things to consider when purchasing a shared hosting package.

One of the most well-liked, economical, and fundamental types of web hosting is shared hosting. It offers a platform that is simple to operate for start-ups or small businesses, with the hosting company handling the majority of the server management and responsibility.

These benefits of shared hosting, particularly the cost, make it popular with start-up companies. Additionally, trustworthy web hosting companies provide fair usage policies, safe hosting, and high uptime for site owners.

What to Check When Buying a Shared Hosting Plan

The Uptime assurance 

Website’s uptime serves as a gauge of its dependability. It is the amount of time the server of the web hosting firm remained online before going offline (given as a percentage). The length of the outage and its origin are irrelevant. The uptime of your website is essential.

A website that is frequently down will not attract customers or visitors, and search engines will not promote such a site. A minimum uptime of 99.9% is essential. This is advertised by numerous businesses. Few will, though, guarantee it. Ask the web hosting business if they can provide a guarantee for the same when searching for a shared hosting package.

Better than “unlimited” bandwidth is unmetered bandwidth

The speed at which a server (or any other computer connected to a network) can move data in a specific amount of time is known as bandwidth. Therefore, a server with a 500Mbps bandwidth may send and receive 500 Megabits per second.

Unmetered bandwidth means that the amount of data you can send is not limited. It’s critical to remember that speed is constrained. For instance, if a server’s bandwidth is 1Gbps, it won’t increase.

Simply put, at that speed, you can send as much data as you like. On the other hand, unlimited bandwidth is a promotional tactic. No such thing as infinite bandwidth exists. You’ll see that there is always some restriction applied if you carefully read the fine print.

Support for compatibility and one-click installation

Hosting requires compatibility, which is essential. In all likelihood, the sort of hosting plan you select will influence the final website you create. For instance, certain hosting plans do not support well-known CMS programs. You lose out if a hosting plan doesn’t support WordPress, for instance.

Similarly to this, many businesses that provide shared hosting plans have significant compatibility issues. Make sure the majority of the essential and widely used programs and applications you plan to utilize are supported by your hosting provider.

Get a Shared Hosting plan with one-click application installers if you select Linux hosting but are not an expert in hosting or Linux. Softaculous is a well-known illustration. These programs let you avoid typing commands into the Linux terminal.

Instead, they operate much like Mac or Windows programs. You click on the “install” button, and the software takes care of the rest. There are many different programs that each of these script installers supports. Get a shared hosting package that supports a wide range of applications and has one-click installs like Softaculous if you’re fresh and unskilled.

Check the hosting plan’s inclusions

Leading web hosting companies not only provide excellent hosting plans, but they also include a few add-ons to make life simpler. These typically include a well-known website management tool like cPanel, an SSL certificate to make your website safer and enable HTTPS/2 for faster speeds, etc.

The majority of these extra perks are typically essential to running your website, so even if they are optional and you can always purchase them later, you will likely do so.

Some hosting firms give away or heavily discount a few programs. Find out what your web hosting company has to offer when considering purchasing a Shared Hosting package.

Simple scaling

You will require an increasing number of resources as your website gets more and more visitors. To maximize earnings, some web hosting providers overcrowd their servers with websites. No headroom is left for a developing website as a result.

When searching for a shared hosting plan, evaluate if users of the company’s services have seen significant performance drops as a result of the expansion of their websites. It might be advisable to investigate another provider if the performance drop is significant. Shared Hosting packages should, as a general rule, be able to handle sites with low to medium traffic volumes.

The best way to launch a website is with shared hosting. It provides all the performance you require without emptying your wallet. Of course, you can switch to a solution like VPS or Dedicated Hosting if your website expands and requires a lot more resources. However, shared hosting is best in the beginning.

But not every business provides the same Shared Hosting packages. Some are far too pricey, while other businesses are unable to deliver acceptable performance. It’s typically a smart idea to go with market leaders that meet all of the criteria outlined in this article when it comes to website hosting.

For your new website, choose the safe plans from CloudHostWorld, if you’re seeking dependable shared web hosting in India. We provide a built-in control panel, Softaculous one-click installs, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage space with our shared hosting services.

Additionally, we offer a platform that excels at the fundamentals of website hosting, like speed, dependability, and security. With solid foundations, you can focus on expanding your website and stop worrying about hosting issues.

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