10 wordpress seo tips in 2021

How to Boost SEO on WordPress Website in 2021

10 Simple ways to boost SEO on your WordPress website

Internet is filled with the innumerable number of websites and with cut-throat competition among online businesses, often it becomes difficult to drive in traffic to your website.

You need ” 10 Best WordPress SEO Tips in 2021″ your website to stand out, grab as many eyes as possible whether your motive is to promote your services, sell a product or entertain your readers.

The more traffic you get, the easier it will be to establish an audience of your niche.

But how to make it happen?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is known to be one of the most fruitful ways to drive traffic to your website.

SEO is a multitude of blueprints and techniques which can help improve your page rank in search engine results.

We are going to discuss a few simple ways to improve your WordPress website’s SEO.

SEO is key to boost your WordPress website. Better rankings in the search engine indicate better visibility of your website to potential users.

This means if you want your website to get noticed, you will have to make sure that it is seen in Google and other similar sites.

And you would want your site to show in the top results, most importantly.

The only way you can achieve it is by SEO which consists of a wide range of plans and activities that determine rankings.

SEO benefits a website to rank highly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) which further provides better visibility and increased traffic.

A highly ranked website creates a sense of trust ability in the mind of the readers.

 Choose a good web host

A good web host is essential for the functioning of your website. It confirms that your site will load faster because the speed is an important ranking feature for our google.

In case your page is taking more than 1.5 seconds to load, contact your host and question them why your page is working slowly on their server.

If they fail to answer your query in the first place, be sure that their servers are slow from the beginning.

Choose a web host which is authentic and is of high-quality performance. Opting for WordPress oriented hosting plan is the smart way to boost your page rankings.

 Opt for a theme that is optimized for search engines

The theme is one of the most important aspects of your WordPress website. It ascertains your site’s overall layout and appearance.

It presents your site with new functionality and plays a crucial role in its SEO. The theme you choose for your site can affect its speed.

Therefore, when you are looking out for a theme, you would want to look out for one which is built with keeping SEO into consideration.

You may as well want to look out for themes which are specially optimized for search engines and are SEO friendly.

 Install a dedicated SEO plugin

seo plugins

Plugins are small pieces of add-on software which you can use to add new functionality and features to your website.

Plugins help your page to rank higher in search engines and they can help your site do anything. WordPress SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins which you can use.

 Modify your permalink structure

The permanent URLs that point to your website’s independent posts, contents and pages are termed as Permalinks.

WordPress resorts to ‘?p=[id]’ as permalinks for posts by default. It is not appropriate for search engines and your page might as well fail to put a few crucial keywords in post permalinks if you don’t shift to a text-based permalink structure.

It is also advisable if you opt for a Post Name structure since it conveys what the linked content is about.

Frame a Sitemap

A sitemap consists list of pages of your website. It is a mock-up of a website’s content that helps both users and search engines to function a site. It is generally organized into a hierarchy.

It is a quick way to find out how your website is laid out and what are the elements it includes.

However, adding a sitemap to your website doesn’t influence its search engine rankings but it’s still an essential SEO tool.

It authorizes crawlers to see all of your website’s pages and recognize how one is related to another.

In this way, it becomes easier for search engines to guide your site properly in user searches. You can add a sitemap to your website simply through a comprehensive SEO tool.

Utilise Heading Tags throughout your site’s content

As discussed, a sitemap is effective for helping search engine crawlers to see how your site is organized but this alone can’t guide them understand the individual content.

To make that happen, you need to make use of heading tags. These are some of the formatting options you can implement to segregate headings within pages and post.

Using headings to construct your content helps you attain visual benefit by breaking up your text and increase readability.

Another thing is that crawlers mostly pay attention to headings. It enables them to comprehend how your content is structured and what it is about. Make use of WordPress heading options consistently while creating posts and pages.

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Construct your content using Keywords


Keywords are nothing but short phrases that define your content’s topic. For instance, you might pick the keyword “easy hairstyles” for a site that provides simple hairstyles to all.

When you are doing this, you are foreseeing that the users will type these phrases when they are looking out for such posts.

If you want an effective way to communicate your content’s topic to search engine crawlers, pick keywords for each post or page and use it in different places. This will further increase the chances to show up your page in relevant searches.

Include useful internal and external links

Google and other search engines see how well your website is connected, both internally and externally. Including links throughout your posts and pages guide the crawlers to understand how they relate to similar content.

It also makes people link back to your website. This helps communicate search engines that your content is apt.

Your search engine ranking is likely to take a dive if you cram your posts with too many irrelevant links.

Make sure to use links which are apt and direct readers for high-quality sites that are already having a good rank in SERPs.

Proper use of both internal links and external links is the answer to achieve top SEO results.

 Avail responsive design on your site

People mostly use mobile to browse the internet these days. This means your website needs to perform and function well for mobile usage or any other devices.

This can be achieved only by following the plan of responsive design. In simple words, you need to design your website in such a way that it easily adjusts to each user’s device.

Google uses responsive design as one of the important features of ranking factors.

The better your site responds, the better its rankings in SERPs. WordPress users can choose a theme that supports responsive design, just to get started at first. Make sure to examine each theme’s SEO feature.

 Optimize images for your website’s contents

For a website, images are equally important. It improves readability by breaking up the text and imparts a visual appeal to the website. It also affects your SEO.

The loading speed of a page depends on the quality and size of the images used as well, which can again impact your rankings.

Crawlers lookout for filenames and ‘alt text’ of the image used in your website. They try to understand your site by looking out for these elements.

Always make sure to optimize your images so they have little to no impact on your overall site’s performance.

Provide a descriptive filename to each image and alt text. Even better if you use a keyword in any of the two.

And lastly, you would want to take some time to properly re-examine your WordPress website once you have implemented these techniques.

Inspect whether your site is working properly in different devices. Usually, you should witness a noticeable rise in the organic traffic of your website.

People Also Ask – Frequently Ask Questions : (F.A.Q)

1. What is the best seo plugin for wordpress ??
Ans. – WordPress SEO By Yoast – Bust and most downloadable plugin in 2021.

There are also, many other plugins ,which are used for Seo point of view, like – SemRush, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Planner , Open Site Explorer, Broken Link Checker, Rel No Follow Checkbox.

2. Is WordPress good for SEO ??
Ans. – Of-course, Yes!!! Currently WordPress has provided a solid foundation for building a great website. It is also a best for other reasons too for seo pint of view.

3. How do I Get my website noticed ??
Ans.- Always use Cache titles,which will attract visitors to click your website link.
– Rank Higher, Get Noticed
–  Get noticed via Images
– Run google Ads
– Use Local Media
–  Post Social Media

4. Is SEO Worth for Money ??
Ans – It totally depends on the niche of the project, for which you are targeting your customers to attract to your website product to sell or just to read your blog post and how you are doing it, it matters a lot.