Combo Domain Packages

Tricks to Success for Combo Domain Packages in 2020:


Worried of not having a white label online business platform? Tricks to Success for Combo Domain Packages can always be the answer to this problem. Know its tits & bits here.

Combo Domain Packages: The key to success

In today’s world of e-commerce, businesses are run online as well as being run offline, and the first step is to get a domain name for your website. If you can create your own domain, it is always good but if you lack in the infrastructure to do so then Domain Hosting Packages are your best bet. Domain registrars are the ones you need to go to for that.

These domain registration service providers help businesses reserve Internet domain names. These services are used by businesses to process domain name registration and reserve domain names for a given time period, say a year or two.

A domain registrar provides the users with a domain search service, with the help of which, the users can search for domain names and check its availability. Some registrars provide domain-transferral services to transfer reserved domains to a new registrar, whereas some others provide domain-parking services, that helps to host a simple web page or an advertising space to the site and visible by traffic.

Some also offer domain registration to help businesses manage their domain names within a hosting package. All these services clubbed together are known as Domain Packages.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization that manages, administers and accredits these registrars.

Why use Domain Packages?

With the thousands of softwares and service providers, including domain registrars, available today the complicated internet has become more and more accessible as a business tool. A domain name registrar can inform you which names are available within your range, starting with Top-Level Domains or TLDs.

These TLDs have the highest authority in searches. If you prefer to use names that are taken using the TLDs (like, .com, .org, etc.), these domain packages will suggest variations in spelling of your Second-Level Domain or SLD (the main body of your URL) that allow you to keep your desired TLD.

It sometimes suggests different extensions that may be less omnipresent, but can help you maintain your ideal SLD.

After you lock down your desired domain, the registrar will aid you with the terms and conditions, payments and time-period of the package you chose. An email communication will be established thereafter with the accountholder, to send important notifications such as renewal dates of the current package, if or when new domain names become available, etc.

If you decide to change your domain hosting at any point, the package comes with a domain-transferral service as well. This is a very common business strategy based on updates and the success rate of a website.

Features of a Domain Package

  1. Domain Search :-

One of the main features of a domain package is the search function, and as such, a distinctive platform is made for that purpose solely. Both new and existing users can use it.

All they need to do is type in their favoured domain name and the engine will scan the web to see if that is available for use and what TLD is compatible with it. Furthermore, it will also determine the registration prices based on the demand value of a particular domain. Once a domain is purchased, it is processed into an accessible site through DNS; often with the help of a web-hosting service.

Domain Transfer :-

Rebranding is multifaceted and ever-present in today’s business world. It can be changing a minor detail in your company’s name or a complete revamp of your company’s services, management, policies, etc. even the most popular brands have to take harsh steps from time to time to stay at the top and communicate the right massage to their customers.

A domain hosting package thus comes with a feature called Domain Transferral service. This helps the users to change their primary domain to a better alternative and directs them as to how to do so. This can help businesses find a proper alternative and redirect the contents on the site to a new location; more like a fresh start. Some packages also come with the added feature of transferring your domain from one registrar to another.

  • Domain Marketplace :-

Not all domain packages have this feature. With this feature, you can list you domain on a marketplace to be purchased by another company; in other words, you can auction off your domain, when you go out of business. For some providers it is a separate feature, whereas for others it is integrated within the package.

Domain marketplaces ensures that valuable URLs do not go to waste, by being attached to broken websites or outdated materials. The seller can either put up a resale price or auction it off to be sold to the highest bidder. Sometimes you are seeking a certain domain name that you cannot find through a standard search, then try the marketplace, chances are you may find it there, only but a comparable name.

Who can use them?

Anyone can own a domain name, as it does not include a learning curve however; planning a website for your business, domain selection and registration always comes with a significant responsibility.

Neither would you ask an intern to register your domain nor would you bother certain individuals or teams to get tied up with the process. In any case, only a handful of people are tasked with executing this critical task.

  • Business Owners :-

These days a branded website is in equal footing with a company phone number. It is fairly common for business owners nowadays to seek the best web hosting and domain name registration platforms, for their businesses, even before deciding on a business model.

Say you start your own business and find that your chosen domain name is available for your use then you are surely fortunate enough. The same goes for a one-person company as well; because they draw the same benefits from a well-designed website as a Fortune 500 company. In any case, it all begins with securing the ideal address for your website via a domain name registrar.

  • Legal Staff :-

More often than not, uncertain tasks such as this can fall in the hands of the company legal team; other than human resources and executive assistants. Lawyers often insist on being involved with website matters like these, whether in-house or hired through legal services agencies.

Domain privacy and trademark disputes are very delicate issues for even the strongest organizations as they can bring them down with crushing blows. In order to safeguard your business from a shocking lawsuit or years-long legal battle with any other company claiming rights over valuable domains, it is absolutely necessary to have your legal representatives understand and communicate the dispute policy(s) from the very beginning and as  such sometimes lawyers may take up the task of registering domain names onto themselves.

  • Marketing and/or Content :-

In some organizations, these two departments remain closely aligned to each other and work as such, and in case of some start-ups, these two departments works as a single entity.

These two departments often control the company’s voice through website; with a combination of products and user experience. They are also charged with the responsibility of handling domains; either a free one for an additional site or the transfer of enormous amounts of content to new web properties and such often includes registering and assigning of new URL-specific email addresses.

These departments often play a role in the URLs and extensions based on proper SEO for the best user experience for their clients.

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  • Web Designers :-

A unique combination of creativity and technical skills owned by the growing community of web designers has given birth to the nearly two billion websites that are out there today. Every organization employees one or two full-time web designers.

Furthermore, there countless web designing and development companies out there who are building fresh new websites every day for their clients. Engaging with registry operators and web hosting service providers every day, is a part of their job description.

Other than the hard wiring and beautification of a site, a web designers job also entails locking down a client’s preferred domain or researching and suggesting them domain names based on their availability.

Thus we have seen what a Domain Package is, who uses them and why and their features. However, keep one thing in mind: a website is an identity that can either make or break your business.

Thus, it is important to research your market and needs before registering a domain name with a registrar.