the ultimate guide to sitelock security

The Ultimate Guide To Sitelock Security

The internet is a vast space with limitless opportunities. With rapid digitization, businesses made their way towards the digital platform.

However, it also comes with its disadvantages. Security is one of the most major concerns on the internet.

While the websites rely on various services to ensure smooth functioning, they also require strong measures and precautions to keep harm away.

Hackers, Phishers, etc are a threat and are constantly trying to breach other environments. An efficient security system to identify and recognize these threats is a must.

This is where Sitelock security comes into action. This article brings you a comprehensive guide to understand The Ultimate Guide To Sitelock Security.

Understanding Sitelock Security

Website Security

Before we dive in further, let us understand the technicalities of having website security.

Website security, in general, is software or resource that provides your website with optimal security from foreign cyber threats.

Exposure to such threats without a proper measure can cause loss of data and can even result in great damage as well. Website security uses various tools among them, two of the most common are:

  • Website scanners: These scan various websites and recognize threats, malware, etc and alert the users.
  • Moreover, solutions like Sitelock Security offer services that automatically detect threats and remove them, thus making the process smoother and the websites much more secure.
  • Web application firewalls or WAFs are used to prevent malware, and other cyber threats to enter your website.

What is Sitelock Security?

Founded in 2008, Sitelock is a cloud-based security solution for websites. It works alongside CLOUDHOSTWORLD and acts as a malware scanner.

Besides, scanning for threats on the internet also removes or eliminates the threats automatically.

It predominantly is offered along with CloudHostWorld web hosting services with additional charges.

Besides providing security to the website, it also prevents your websites from being blacklisted and eradicates downtime issues.

Why do we need Sitelock Security?

Maintaining the security of a website is crucial for its success. Businesses should fixate most of their resources to dedicate measures that secure the website.

If a website is compromised it would be subjected to revenue losses, customer data theft, reputation damage, etc.

This can become the reason for irreparable damage to your business. Here are some of the main reasons for installing Sitelock Security:

Low costs

Without proper security solutions, websites are always exposed to various threats like hackers, phishers, etc on the internet.

This can lead to huge cleanup costs, etc. On the contrary, security software can help you prevent these additional and hefty costs.

Sitelock security offers user-friendly, cheap solutions to secure your website. They are fit for businesses of any size and type.

Tool for building trust for small businesses

The main foundation of a successful business is trust. However, it becomes the only crucial factor for success when we talk about eCommerce platforms.

Since the users are virtually purchasing products or services, it can be detrimental to your reputation and legitimacy if they suspect your webpage to be suspicious.

No host-prevention

Installing Sitelock security software offers a wide range of solutions other than security. A display message such as “suspended by the host” might not sit well with your potential customers.

Since most of the businesses online are traffic-driven, such pop-up messages might make them feel suspicious about your website and even keep them away from returning.

However, with Sitelock, the downtime is less and the detection and solution for various cyber threats are eliminated without affecting the performance of the website.

Why do we need additional security when hosting offers the same?

Businesses and generic users online often find themselves in a blur when it comes to hosting and security solutions.

However, in reality, hosting only protects the server it is hosted on.

Moreover, Sitelock Security collaborates with a lot of other hosting service companies.

So, while choosing a hosting service provider may come with a complimentary Sitelock scanner to identify malware, hackers, etc.

Besides, it is a common notion that switching your hosting services may address your website security concerns.

However, some hosting services provide additional security resources for your website, but in the end, it is not a dedicated resource exclusive to your website.

It may help you to some extent but it will not address the major security threats and provide immediate solutions without affecting the functionality of the website.

Is website security only for businesses?

It doesn’t matter what type of website you own, the need to protect your data from threats online is still necessary.

From social security numbers to payment details, cybercriminals are mainly focused on stealing data for their benefit.

Attacks like the redirect malware can hamper your website’s traffic by redirecting your potential customers to another suspicious website.

Apart from that, SEO spam is another concern for website owners. It releases spammy keywords that get linked to your website. It causes your Google rankings to stoop below and hamper traffic.

Moreover, some attacks like defacements can also affect your image online since it does with malicious intent or agenda. Other concerns like email addresses require security solutions to prevent hacking, phishing,etc.

How to install Sitelock security?

how to install sitelock security

Although Sitelock security software is convenient and easy to install, new website owners are often confused while installing the software. Here are the steps to install Sitelock security software:

  1. Select the product page and locate the free Sitelock option.
  • After clicking on the free Sitelock option, a dashboard appears. Now, a list of terms and conditions is displayed. Make sure to read every one of them.
  • Click on the Proceed option after going through the terms and conditions.

The basic version of this software is free and provides three features such as vulnerability scan, malware, and risk scan.

However, if you want more features or services, upgrading your software to the paid version would be the best bet.

Sitelock security is available on the CloudHostWorld control panel. Next, you have to pick a domain name and choose a plan according to your requirements.

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