What is JetPack

What Is Jetpack? A Guide to the Popular WordPress Plugin

Running a brand’s website through WordPress is not an easy task, and if you happen to be managing one, you must have often heard the term ‘Jetpack’.

There are multiple hassles in handling a website, from preventing it from hackers stealing your customer’s data to the slowing down of your site’s speed due to a large image.

After a certain point of time, you would get tired of handling all of these, and would need an all-in-one WordPress utility. That’s when the role of a Jetpack comes into the picture.

If you manage a website on WordPress, then Jetpack plugin would be one of the most viable options for you since it is an amazing free plugin which offers you the support to make your website secure, enhance the performance by making it faster, and also grow your audience.

If your website is subject to malware attacks and the speed has slowed down, the Jetpack WordPress Plugin can be used to protect these problems and enhance the customer experience.

Now, you must be curious to know about Jetpack and how it can be used to run a WordPress website efficiently.

What is Jetpack?

Is your website facing the attack of malicious intruders, which in turn is harming the credibility of your website?

Then, getting Jetpack would be the ideal solution to all these problems. It is an all-in-one WordPress utility tool-kit which assists you to speed up, secure your logins, as well as grow your website.

After getting a Jetpack WordPress Plugin for your website, the time taken to load a page is going to shoot up, and your visitors are going to enjoy it through the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Not just that, this tool would also help you to enable automatic social sharing, thereby facilitating an increase in the traffic of your website.

Thinking about getting a Jetpack, but are worried about its prices? Worry not, as the core features are absolutely free of cost for users. Once you have used the free version, are satisfied with its services, you can opt for a paid version if you feel that your business needs one.

The premium plans offer access to advanced features like malware scanning and daily backups, and would be a good go-to option for any website owner.

Reasons to Choose the Jetpack Plugin for Your WordPress Site

Now that you have known about Jetpack, but are still not sure if you should opt for it to improve the performance of your website, then we have some reasons for you.

Receive automatic scanning for security threats :

Given our reliance on the internet, and the easy availability of data to hackers, security threats have become a major concern in this tech age.

Big and small brands are often under the scanner of hackers and Jetpack understands these challenges that website owners are facing, thereby offering automatic malware scanning to its users.

If you want to get rid of security issues, then you can get it fixed at a single click by automatically scanning your website. This scanning takes place on a daily basis and you would be mailed about any threat upon detection of malware or weird code.

Reliable website backups

Jetpack recognizes the hard work it takes for a website owner to establish their brand. Given the fact that it takes countless hours crafting a website, it is imperative to offer a perfect online experience for your customers, as your business is your biggest investment.

Therefore, choosing a Jetpack would make it easier for you to enhance user experience with automatic, real-time website backups, along with one-click restores.

In case if the site goes down, then it can be recovered in a matter of seconds. This feature is helpful for eCommerce stores as there could be a loss in sales due to drop in performance of the website.

Another added advantage for choosing the plugin is that you get an opportunity to use unlimited storage for your website backups.

Reliable Website Backups

Customizable site search for visitors

When a customer lands on the website of an eCommerce store, and wants to search a specific product, if they use custom site search, they would quickly switch to any other competing brand.

With JetPack, you would get the chance to use the customizable search feature that would fetch you instant relevant search results due to modern ranking algorithms.

Moreover, as customers would receive results that match their search intent, their user experience would also be enriched.

To improve the overall customer experience, you also get filtered and faceted search results due to a JetPack, which processes your requirements as per tags, categories, or even dates.

Upgrade the SEO performance of your website :

One of the popular ways by which customers can land onto your website is by finding it on search engines like Google and Bing, by typing your requirements.

The websites that match the same would be available to you on the first page of your search engine. Therefore, it is necessary to rank your website on the first page if you want to make your brand reach a larger audience.

Jetpack enables quick improvements to your website by keeping a check on its performance by optimizing the CSS structure.

This can lead to an increase in the speed of your website by deferring non-essential JavaScript so as to facilitate faster page load times, so that the images get loaded at a faster speed.

Get statistics on how your traffic is growing

When you are running a website, you should be knowing how it is performing. Afterall, growth is what every business strives to achieve.

Information about your visitors such as their numbers, the timeframe from which they have been visiting, and what they read is imperative to understand your audience.

Statistic for Traffic Is Growing

Jetpack would help you out to get a clear overview of how your content is performing and you will be able to see the site’s stats, which includes visitor location, top posts and pages, as well as social media follows.

Any brand or personal website who uses WordPress, can use Jetpack, and its installation is pretty simple. All you have to do is install it within your WordPress admin.

Once done, click on ‘Plugins’ and start, then click ‘Add New’. You will get the option to choose your JetPack, and once you find it, click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

Then approve the connection to WordPress.com. You can also integrate Jetpack with top WordPress plugins such as Google Analytics, and analyze your customers’ behavior so that you can bring out changes in the marketing effort.

This is all about What Is Jetpack? A Guide to the Popular WordPress Plugin.

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