How Cheap Dedicated Server Businesses Can Survive in a Post Corona Economy

How Cheap Dedicated Server Businesses Can Survive in a Post Corona Economy

The mighty Covid-19 pandemic has drained many economies and put the fates of many a business into jeopardy. The consequences of measures like lockdowns especially are the ones that have taken a huge toll on businesses worldwide like cheap dedicated server Web Hosting Industry.

The workforce that was at disposal will have to now avoid as much contact as possible.

This is the dawn of a new style of working. Businesses can’t remain shut for prolonged days. A counteractive of that is that people are equipped to work at the comforts and safety of their homes.

When this idea was proposed to some organizations many hesitated to initiate it as they were afraid the fruits of it are not going to be great. Instead of seeing it as a solution, they were seeing it as a potential drawback.

The few major concerns involved security and efficiency. Now that employees will be remotely working, they will be working out of their own systems and their own networks.

The safety of the data was what concerned many MNCs. Small businesses, however, found this as an opportunity where more and more people could join their force.

All that small businesses required was an internet-enabled device and a fairly workable speed of internet.

Remote working has become the new normal. The way businesses are being done online is also changing. Small businesses have opted for VPN servers as it fits their budget and requirements.

In the Covid-19 economy, the hosting business saw a great shift. The onset of which was felt when many SMEs opted for VPN hosting over cheap dedicated server.

When online enterprises realized that they can function almost the same way as that of a Cheap dedicated server by reaping the benefits of a VPN, new businesses started to make a move.

The Covid-19 precautionary lockdowns especially witnessed many new businesses registering themselves.

The increasing level of unemployment and stoppage in classes pushed many of the young lots to open their own businesses which is getting them some earnings.

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At the same time, it is also a window for many students and job aspirants to make money. These businesses have mostly opted for a VPN server because of its advantages which are very similar to that of dedicated hosting but are much cheaper comparatively.

The many great advantages of dedicated server hosting are known. From great speed to control over the system a dedicated server has a lot of benefits to offer.

But considering its expenses and infrastructural requirements, many small businesses don’t opt for it. During the pandemic when remote working is seen to be successful, many MNCs are realizing the cost-saving benefits it would have to move away from cheap dedicated server to VPNs.

This is bad news keeping in mind the sustenance of the Cheap dedicated hosting business.

Some of the ways through which dedicated server hosting can survive in the economy post the Covid-19 are-


Pricing is the biggest turn off for potential customers when they look for hosting services. The very expensive hosting facilities that dedicated servers have are a concern for many businesses.

Even though there is no compromise in the performance, yet, enterprises look for better alternatives. Giving good and generous discounts will be effective enough to retain the existing customers and not think of an alternative.

Dedicated hosting companies must take this into consideration that companies right now are short on income. Hence, they won’t be able to pull through any heavy costs. Discounts will encourage users to keep at it.

Additional features

Think of collaboration. Maybe offer free anti-virus for a couple of months. Tie up with other brands.

You can benefit yourself as well as the other. When there are free additional services that companies can avail, you will have a competitive advantage.

Security is a great concern for many companies and if you have a tie-up that will further ensure security companies would be interested to stay back as they will not get that deal elsewhere.

Moreover, it is fruitful for the company that you have a tie-up with as after the trial if the customers like their service, they will choose to invest in them.

Bank on cloud facilities

Cloud computing is the in thing at the moment. Few dedicated servers have cloud hosting facilities as well but to be relevant in the future it would be great if all cheap dedicated server start providing cloud hosting services as well.

Considering the remote working pattern that is prevalent and might stay for a while. Equipping with cloud hosting would not be a bad idea.

Increase free trial periods

Many dedicated server hosting companies have trial versions that are short. But usually, they are sufficient for the potential clients to understand the speed and storage with which they work.

If these free trial periods are stretched for longer where they are used by clients, they will be at ease with the hosting and develop a habit over it.

Post which it will be difficult for the company to move to any other hosting option. There will be a benefit of the doubt that you will have particularly to attract new customers.

Rewards on referrals

This is a very traditional marketing method but will work wonders especially during these economic conditions. The existing customers as well as new customers should be benefitting out of the usage of your service.

Every time an existing customer of yours sends referrals to get them rewarded in terms of some kind of exclusive facility that will open for them in the hosting service.

For example, many hosting companies have a kit for online businesses that cover website designing, domain registration, and so on. Such kind of rewards is always welcome.

Remember the key is to retain the customers so that the business runs long. Even if it means that a little more outreach financially at the moment, go for it.

The main challenge for cheap dedicated server to stay relevant post the Covid-19 economy is the modified outlook and attitude towards working style.

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Already the dedicated hosting business has lost many businesses. What the need of the hour is that the dedicated server hosting business is to stay relevant and retain their customers.