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Patchman Automate Your Web Application Security

Security issues are always there with the user’s websites in shared hosting environment. It can be terrifying for web hosts and there is no sign of malware slowing down anytime soon. Ensuring the security of the user website is the top priority. Patchman trusts its software that consequently identifies and fixes vulnerabilities will help facilitate the suffering of hosting suppliers.
Vulnerabilities are an enormous time deplete for a person who hosts, with their endeavors causing spam runs and DDoS assaults on their servers. Patchman robotizes the process of settling CMS vulnerabilities with a specific aim to make the lives of manhandling divisions, says administrators and bolsters groups simpler.
According to the press release, Patchman works with cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin along with custom control panels. It also offers extensive notification setting, user coaching, and change rollbacks.
Basically, these attacks are by spammers or hackers, who intend to control a site with a specific end goal to convey spam, spread malware or host phishing content or to utilize the bargained web page to dispatch attacks on other sites or servers
Patchman is introduced to help in protecting the fight against malware. It overcomes any issues between proficiently running a server and keeping user secure, with minimal overhead and no disturbance.


How Patchman secures your web application?

If your website runs on the application that supports Patchman then it will protect your website.

Notify about the outdated software
Patchman scans all your data or files daily if it finds software outdated, an email sends to you about issues. Then you can update your software either manually by logging into an application or automatically, switching on Softaculous automatic update system. By this, your issues can be resolved and your website is protected.


Automated Application Patching
Patchman will spot all of the particular vulnerabilities and fix them. This is accomplished by removing the security settles in latest variants of the application, and back-porting those to prior versions. As a result of this one of a kind approach, you can rest guaranteed that the site will keep on functioning as it did previously.
At the time when it patches a site, you will get a warning through notification of the actions that it has made. Moreover, any progressions that Patchman applies to a site are completely reversible by means of cPanel if at any time the need arose.


Automated Malware Removal
Patchman also scans user’s website for any Malware if present, and automatically isolates this malware so that the malicious scripts are completely handicapped. For this also you will be notified.
Patchman makes it simple to set up programmed work processes to illuminate your clients of security incidents. On the off chance that any website programming that it supports is outdated, at risk or if any malware is discovered, you will begin to receive notices by email. These notices are conveyed by Patchman to the email address recorded in cPanel. On account of affiliates, notices are conveyed to the email address recorded in the affiliate’s cPanel account.