Why Should You Choose Green Cloud Computing?

You might have heard of Cloud Computing and read a lot about it. But, what is the Green Cloud? If you have a doubt that it is somewhere related to the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, then yes, you are right!

As you know, the effects of global warming are visible all over the world. Due to this, people are growing more conscious of the impacts of emission on the environment, they are seeking ‘greener’ ways to survive. Web Hosting industry is also getting aware of this phenomenon. Hence, there are public and private cloud services. Cloud hosting gives numerous environmental advantages that regular web hosting can’t provide.

Primarily, the important purpose of the cloud is asset sharing. It definitely does very less damage to nature if one organization runs a single expansive server and share its resources. This step proves effective than various organizations running their individual servers. Due to this tendency, prominent cloud data hubs are fully and cautiously used. Further, it leads to the path of cost-effectiveness while purchasing state-of-the-art security and eco-friendly cooling parts. Companies operating with smaller data centers don’t have the capability to sustain the cost of such facilities.


Consider the perks of getting a green cloud hosting-


Green Cloud

It is proven that cloud hosting practically reduces the number of servers in the utilization. The clients which utilize dedicated and managed hosting, frequently have to buy or lease an extra number of servers for handling traffic spikes.

Server farms which provide cloud solutions are able to share assets in dire need without caring to run and then cool more machines. So, ultimately it leads to lesser carbon emissions. With the use of cloud hosting, a large number of organizations can reduce their levels of carbon footprint by a significantly less amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) every year.

So, if you seriously want to find a green cloud hosting provider, you should search for one which uses alternative/renewable energy like wind or solar power energy. You should expect your supplier to at least have Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Additionally, you need to estimate that up to what degree there is an expansion of a supplier’s data center on the basis of ecological efficiency? Try to get the specific details! Know that, if a web host provider is truly a green cloud provider, it wouldn’t worry to go an extra mile for clarifying their systems. They will be ready to acquaint you with ecological equipment and procedures and also the ways they dispose of their wastes. Particularly, you have to check on how many suppliers have servers which are in completely large use. Use rates of more than 70% by LEED  certification and Energy Star show that this is a bonafide green cloud supplier.

Cloud computing can be a significant feature of an IT company association’s potential to become greener.


Want to know, how “the green cloud” can furthermore add values in meeting crucial operational goals?

Find out below-


Green Cloud 2

Lesser costs– Consolidation means less number of servers, which thus implies bringing down cooling and space prerequisites. All these, in turn, generate low energy costs.


Following the laws and regulations– Drawing more effective solutions help in bringing down transmitting assets while complying with the laws and regulations. Furthermore, cloud computing customers can decrease their carbon footprints and discharges. This step can enlist them as better individuals who meet legislative guidelines.


Magnification of the flexibility– Using green cloud hosting can give more space, more energy, and more cooling limit for the same office space you have been using before. Considering further advantage, taking services from public cloud hosting providers can offload the power of those assets; from the customer to the professional co-operatives.



So the bottom line is while you are considering green cloud services? Try our service and feel free to contact us. Remember, this small step is going to save you tons in the future while keeping it safe.